Participating in Billion Mania and creating a Billionverse profile

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To participate in Billion Mania you need to create your profile:

  1. Avatar.

  2. Profile name (Name).

  3. Profile description.

  4. Create a unique profile address (username): billiongems.io/example

  5. Add links to social networks and websites if desired.

  6. Add links to dedust.io, dyor.io, ston.fi, geckoterminal.com, coinmarketcap.com if desired.

*It is possible to participate in several categories at the same time. To participate in additional rating categories, you must pay an additional fee for activating your account in the corresponding category.

**Linking your username to a smart contract and the ability to buy additional usernames will appear after Airdrop.

How to rise in the rankings?

  1. Mine GEMS.

  2. Increase your Value.

  3. Receive donations from your audience.

  4. Play games from the Billion Gems ecosystem.

  5. Participate in activities from project partners.

  6. Perform tasks.


Even if you donโ€™t need to advertise yourself, your social networks and projects, you still become a member and receive a large number of bonuses and opportunities within the Billion Gems ecosystem.

You just need to create an avatar, add a title and description of your profile.

If you do not want to maintain your anonymity, create a profile, add links to your social networks and websites, and receive additional attention from your audience.

All users also become participants in Giveaways, Airdrops from the Billion Mania hype race, our Billion Gems product and the Billion Gems Coin ($BLN) token.

๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡บ Russian version: https://telegra.ph/Uchastie-v-Billion-Mania-i-sozdanie-profilya-v-Billionverse-04-16

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